Sunday, November 28, 2010

Celebrating the Season!

Wow Christmas has exploded here in Taylor Town! We are really going all out decorating this year. My poor husband spent two days getting the lights on the little porch tree to work but he did it and now we have two decorated trees filled with ornaments, bells and bows! I love pulling out the tree ornaments, unwrapping each one and remembering where they came from, the stories behind them and the memories linked to each one. I find perfect spots on the tree for each item and I will now spend the rest of the holiday season staring at my tree, savoring every moment that it is up.

As if a tree on the porch wasn't
enough Mike also put up lighted garlands, which he added more lights to of course and he added flowers and then the item on the porch I'm most excited about - The Animated lighted Deer we bought today!! So cool!! It was a weekend long project but well worth it I think now we just have a few final touches to put up inside the house!!

Yesterday aside from all the decorating we also spent the evening at Sea World with Monika and Dave. It was so much fun. They have amazing Holiday activities goi
ng on! Great shows, and their Sea of Trees which is beautiful and then my favorite the Polar Express ride! It was so much fun! We of course took lots of great pictures and had a wonderful evening all together!

Today aside from the decorating I enjoyed a lovely girl's afternoon with Claire, we had breakfast and browsed the Farmer's Market where i picked up some Christmas gifts so I'm excited about that. Then when I came home Mike and I headed out shopping for more decorations and some little gifts! We are definitely making progress!!

And now a look at the first two days of pages in my Celebrating the Season scrapbook. Yesterday got extra pages because it was so full of goodness. I will do today's page tomorrow sometime and be sure to share them with you as soon as possible! Until next time won't you share with me how you are Celebrating the Season?

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Pearl Maple said...

Decorating and appreciating other people's efforts to make the season brighter are all part of the fun.

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