Thursday, November 25, 2010


Good Morning everyone!

I sure hope everyone's Thanksgiving is off to as good of a start as mine is! I took myself on a 3 mile walk this morning and there is no better way to start a Thanksgiving then walking as the sun rises. I was so inspired by the brilliant colors in the sky this morning, the hot air balloons floating over head and then coming into the house and being greeted by the leftover smells from last night's baking extravaganza and my sleepy husband getting out of bed to start his day of cooking.

I won't lie, this time of year I always feel a little sad because as each year ticks by I am reminded that we still don't have a child, no matter how hard we've tried, but this year I feel happier because I'm pretty darn thankful for all we do have. We have our four fur babies who cuddle and snuggle and bring us so much joy even when they misbehave. The fur babies are getting used to having mommy work but it has been making them extra cuddly in the evenings and I don't mind that too much!!

We are also thankful for our close friends who are always there when we need a helping hand or shoulder to cry on. I look forward to today when we share our Thanksgiving with some of the greatest people we know. The five gals coming over today started out as neighbors grew into friends and now are really part of our extended family they are fantastic in so many ways!!

I am so incredibly thankful for my family. I can't be with them today but with the help of email, facebook and skype I never feel too terribly far away and even with the distance my family has been so incredibly supportive on my weight loss journey. Especially my cousin Denise who encourages me and yells at me when necessary I couldn't have lost 36.4 pounds without the support!!

This year I'm also thankful for my fun and exciting new job. Good things truly do come when you're not really looking! I'm getting used to a new schedule and getting household chores done in the evenings but I'm loving every minute of the day at work and I'm happy to be out meeting new people, challenging myself and being a part of something so awesome!

I'm thankful for my husband Mike - where would I be without him?? Lord knows. He's currently slaving away in the kitchen making an awesome holiday feast, the house smells so delicious! Today and everyday Mike takes good care of me. Knowing when I needed not to work, encouraging when it was time to go back, loving me even when I'm unlovable and thinking I'm beautiful even when I look like a big mess! I'm so very lucky to have this man in my corner!

Today for sure is a day to remember what you are thankful for, to enjoy the time you get to spend with loved ones, and of course to eat your weight in mashed potatoes and stuffing haha! I hope you all have a very Happy Thanksgiving! Be safe and be healthy!!!

Tune in tomorrow I start my celebrating the season scrapbook (AKA Ali Edwards December Daily) I will be sharing our happy holiday traditions, outings, celebrations from now until January 1st!! Would love to hear everyone's special holiday traditions!

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