Tuesday, November 16, 2010

December Daily!!

I'm in the holiday mood and I just can't help myself partly because everything is so decorated down here and there is already Christmas music playing in the Disney parks and I just get sucked right in. But partly I'm in the Christmas mood because I've been working on my December Daily foundation pages. Some of you might remember that I did the Ali Edwards December Daily project last year only in typical Danielle fashion I make more work for myself and I don't just do a December Daily album but I start it the day after Thanksgiving and go straight till New Years Day! You can find out more about Ali's project here. It's a fun project though and I'm super interested to see how this year's album differs from last year especially now that we have so much new fun stuff going on like that little thing called my job!!!

So I thought I would share some of my favorite foundation pages with you tonight. I have over 20 pages ready to go but these are my top picks. I will get the rest done over the course of the next few days - I hope! Then once I start the project I will post here daily or as close to daily as I can manage updating on all the fun holiday activities and some of my favorite things about the holiday season!!

Can't wait to hear what you think and maybe you can share with me some of your favorite holiday traditions! Also looking for new fun things to add!


mcscraps5 said...

A girl after my own heart! I'm starting the day after Thanksgiving and going straight thru to New Year's Day, too. My first time, we'll see how it goes. Good luck to us both.

Honoré said...

Looks like you're off to a great start with Dec Daily; do enjoy the experience and congrats on your new JOB!!!

Rosie said...

You had me at 'Disney Parks'(I live in Canada), your book looks great!

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