Friday, November 26, 2010

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas

Today is the day that we started putting up all of the Christmas decorations and it's the day I start my Celebrating the Season scrapbook (AKA Ali Edwards December Daily) I took tons of pictures of the process!

First thing I did this morning was put all the Thanksgiving decorations away and then we started pulling out box after box of Christmas decorations. For a while it looked like we were packing up to move that's how full the living room was!

Mike did a great job putting lights up on the porch, we reached a little snafu when it came to the tree we are putting on the porch and we are working on getting all the lights to work so we can decorate it. I have our stockings up and some really cool wall decals up.

The fur kids had a good time exploring all the boxes they are so curious - luckily they are also so adorable.

Tomorrow morning I will print some photos for the first page of my scrapbook - I will be sure to post photos for you here!! We have more festive activities planned for tomorrow and hopefully we'll finish the decorating! Hope everyone had a wonderful day!

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Leese said...

you are HARDCORE!!!!! i love it...and i LOVE the picture of you and your red garland...i also LOVE LOVE the "Believe" with the sleighs on each side...can't wait to see more!!! i t hink we're jumping on the bandwagon Mon and Tues on Mark's day off!!! Jingle Bells...decoratings hell...but when it's's COOL!!! :P

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