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2010 Books & Movies

This year I did not read as many books as I usually do nor as many as I would like to - I could blame starting work but the real culprit is that I am struggling to get through The Vampire Lestat by Anne Rice - now this will probably make me incredibly unpopular but this is the second Anne Rice book I've read and I am just not a fan so needless to say should I make it through Lestat I will not be reading another Anne Rice book.

There were however books I read and absolutely loved - now these are just a few top picks I read others that were enjoyable but these are the stand outs:

Fly Away Home - Jennifer Weiner - This quite possibly could be Weiner's best book yet which is saying a lot because I absolutely love everything she writes and that includes her Twitter and Facebook updates! She just really created rich characters, and took real life situations and ran wild!

The Shining - Stephen King - I'm a huge Stephen King fan I read more then one of his books each year and I've been madly in love with some and disappointed in others but regardless I can never deny that this man can write!! I LOVED The Shining! It is a lot different then the movie but not in a bad way at all.

A Few Good Eggs - Julie Vargo & Maureen Regan - This book was a life changer, it is all about the battle with infertility and it really opened my eyes to a lot of different issues, a lot of questions to ask doctors and it made me feel better knowing some of what I'm feeling is normal and I'm not 100% crazy. The one downside is reading all about the next steps in our journey it made me less inclined to continue the medical route - we'll see.

Ok let's switch the focus to movies! This year we watched a lot of movies via Netflix, we watched some old movies, some new movies and lots of TV shows but this blog is to focus on the 2010 films we saw which there we saw PLENTY of! There is no way I could talk about all the movies we saw in depth so like the books these are juts the highlights!

Turns out that Leonardo DiCaprio was in two of my favorite movies this year - Shutter Island and Inception. Holy cow do these two movies make you think! They were both well acted and there aren't enough good things to say about Inception one of the top movies ever! I have said for a long time that Leo is more then a pretty face (though boy is he pretty) these two movies for sure showed off his acting chops!

Toy Story 3 blew me away - you are watching an animated film about toys and yet you forget you are watching animated toys, I was on the edge of my seat, I laughed, I cried and just loved this movie. Another fun animated movie - How to Train Your Dragon, super cute! Of course don't tell Mickey Mouse I don't want to be fired! haha! We also just saw Tron:Legacy which I did not love but you can't love them all right?

Now you know I love my Twilight so of course we saw Eclipse - it was my favorite of the books and so far for sure my favorite of the movies. We also saw and loved Iron Man 2 and was totally caught off guard by how much we loved Scott Pilgrim vs. The World - WOW! Such fun and RED - totally loved that film.

I was one of the few people that I know of that loved the movie Remember Me, just an emotional movie and I truly enjoyed Burlesque - is it the best movie I ever saw? No but was it enjoyable?Absolutely.

Now there is a tie for my absolute favorite movies of the year one is Harry Potter and the Deathly Hollows Part 1 - WOW did they nail this one or what? Brilliant! They put it together amazingly well, splitting the book into two movies was a great idea and they picked just the right split point. In fact the husband and I hope to watch all the Harry Potter movies and then go see Deathly Hollows part 1 again!

My other favorite movie of the year happens to be the last movie we saw Black Swan - haunting, beautiful, extraordinarily acted, and again you leave the theater thinking, working things out, talking about it and I love movies that generate conversation after.

So there you have it books and movies I loved in 2010! Happy reading and movie watching in 2011 and please let me know if you have any book or movie suggestions!!!

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Ginny said...

I'm dying to see Black Swan. I was originally going to take my 13 year old dancer, but then heard more about the movie. Now I'm just going to wait till it comes to video, but I am having a hard time waiting.

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