Thursday, December 23, 2010

Celebrating the Season Pages Update

Oh goodness where have I been? I've been enjoying the season of course! Well that and working but to be perfectly honest, work has been awesome and doesn't feel like work I have projects and to do lists and notes (Lots of notes) but I LOVE doing it! Just got a brand new desk and I've set it up and got it organized and I'm starting to take ownership of some of my responsibilities! I can't go into too much detail about my job - haha makes me sound like a spy right!! But let me tell you I have never felt like such a part of something so darn special and dare I say Magical before!! That being said I'm currently home on Christmas break until January 3rd and I'm equally excited about that!

Ok so this is a long overdue update on some
of the pages for my Celebrating the Season Book - I have been taking so many photos and capturing some very special moments. Looking through these photos I am reminded how super lucky we are and it eases the feeling of that something missing that I tend to feel. We are just living a very full life right now!

How sweet is this?

of course I have to capture the cookie making process!!

Wrapping presents!!!!

Our complex holiday party!!!

Can't wait to hear how you are all spending this holiday season!!


Lisa said...

Danielle!!!! i am so so happy for you!!! you deserve nothing but happiness....good things happen to good people and you are exceptional!! (biased not included)...i have a feeling 2011 is YOUR YEAR!!!! you are already looking amazing and now the job and your beautiful husband and fur babies!!!!!....then you get to see the Sylva's and it don't get better than that...i hope you and Mikey have an AMAZING Christmas and a HAPPY HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!! The Sylva's adore all of you....and HOOPAH TOO!!!! xoxoxox

p.s. i just love the pictures!!! AWESOME!

Missy said...

Ooh your job sounds fun! And yes, you do sound like a spy haha!

Hope you had a magical Christmas!

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