Saturday, July 30, 2011

Week in the Life Day 5 - Part 1

Sorry for the delay in my Day 5 post - had a rather late night!!

I'm so glad I got to capture a night at The Lucky Leprechaun with the gang. I love being a "regular" somewhere, making new friends, drinking beers and singing (even though I'm terrible I've yet to get thrown off the stage!) Without a doubt it's the people I'm with that really make Friday nights fantastic!

Claire - Fabulous singer, designated driver and all around SUPER Friend

Rockin' Robin - Queen of Karaoke, amazingly talented and super fun

Aimee & Brian - AKA the love birds!! Adorable in that vomit inducing sort of way

Claire Bear

Good times with good friends - you can' buy memories like these

The sister act

Claire, Aja and Me - Having a blast because we just can't help ourselves!
Unfortunately I didn't get a photo of our buddy and fabulous bartender Mark - most likely because he doesn't stand still long enough to snap one! And this particular Friday Chrissy was unable to make it as she's on a very long road trip but we called her and let her listen to Claire singing so that added to the fun!!

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