Monday, July 25, 2011

A Week in the Life - Day 1

So here we are the first day of A Week in the Life. Let me start off by saying that this project is really important to me this time around as my life is so much different then it was the last time I worked on and completed this project. 

What's so different you might ask? 

Well for one - I have a job! 

And a desk

And fabulous work friends! 

I can't wait to take photos of more of my co-workers this week - they have all been so supportive in all my crazy projects I come in with - in fact they hardly laughed at me as my camera sat on my desk all day ready to snap photos at a moment's notice! 

What else is new? Well this little girl is worming her way into our hearts and completely taking over the guest room - meet Amy!  

Of course as much that may have changed some things stay the same - such as my love and well honest to goodness addiction to coffee! These days I stop just about every morning at 7-11 for a very large blueberry coffee - DELICIOUS!!

Hmmm What else is the same? I'm still hopelessly addicted to bath and body products, hair products and makeup of course! 

 There you have it a quick little review of the first day in a Week in my Life! See you tomorrow for even more photos!!


Anonymous said...

Great start to week in a life. Cannot wait to see how the album comes together :)

Deborah said...

Looks really Good :)

tonileo said...

Love the pic's a good start,I love your desk and I see some great pictures on the back board..:-)

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