Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Creativity and Challenge Update!

I mentioned last week that me and my mom planned to work out way through Elsie Flannigan's 52 Scrapbooking Challenges book. Our first challenge was to use word strips on our page. I knew right away I wanted to use a picture of Hooper and it had been a long time since I added anything to my pet book so it was about time I did and it was the jump start I needed.

My mom also got into the spirit of thinking outside her usual scrapbooking box. She not only completed the challenge but her layout is a different size then she normally creates and she also scrapped about herself! I'm so happy, excited and proud to be doing these challenges with my mom. Her creativity has always inspired me.

I also started scrapping our cruise pictures last week. Thanks to the NCAA tournament my usual 12:30 program (The Young & The Restless) was not on so I turned off the TV - shocking I know - and turned on the music. The amount of stuff I was able to get done was amazing. I cleaned up around the house and I took fun pictures and I created. The afternoon flew by but I felt so much more accomplished then usual and I went to pick Mike up with ink on my fingers and scraps of paper still clinging to me! For the cruise layout I used Heidi Swapp's new papers and her invisibles stickers. These are so much fun, I love the flexibility and I love playing with inks to create one of a kind embellishments.

Stay tuned another post or two will be following this one as I play catch up!


joy said...

Great layouts. I especially liked your Mom's. It is so rare that we scrap ourselves. I am working on one of myself- 50 things about me at 50- and am having trouble coming up with 50 things!

Anonymous said...

Well i finially got to your blog, so i'm all up to date. And thanks joy for the shout out on my page.Toni

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