Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Getting Creative! Playing with Scrapblog

I've been really making an effort with the Creativity Project and I've been getting creative in as many avenues as I can! Tonight I made Salmon burgers for dinner - I didn't use a recipe I just ground fresh salmon myself and added ginger, onion and hoisin sauce and wa-la! They were pretty good there are a few tweaks I think I'll make next time but hey at least I can say I tried it - that I did it something different.

I've also spent the evening playing with scrapblog. Pretty fun. I like the idea of it for sure and it's fun but I'm definitely more a paper, paint and glue type of girl that's why I'm really getting into the hybrid stuff (thanks to but it gives me the chance to play on the computer and then print and glue and paint and go nuts! But I'm trying new things, I'm getting creative, I'm thinking outside my usual box and hopefully it will mean good things. So this slideshow on the blog wasn't loading on the actual page but if you click View Full Size Slideshow it will take you to the Scrapblog page. Let me know what you think!!

More soon...


hks said...

Dear Dani.. i just wanted to post here, and give you some props for going OUTSIDE your comfort ZONE!!! you are TRYING NEW THINGS! and not allowing yourself to be categorized in your creativity! SO AWESOME! thanks for posting a link on the FB page... we are excited to see your work! heidi

A Blog In The Life Of Krystal... said...

I stumbled upon your awesome blog and I wanted to say thanks for sharing! I love the whole scrapblog idea; I haven't ever heard of it :)

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