Friday, March 13, 2009

Creativity Update

This week has been a slow creativity week - see post below for why - but I have been trying to think creatively and refocus my thoughts. I have been playing with my camera and capturing random moments around the house an capturing them at random and fun angles. I've also been catching up on a pile of magazines I've been picking up and it's amazing how when I allow myself to sit and focus that all these thoughts and ideas spring forward.

I have worked on a few projects. I did a layout from the time I spent with my Aunt Jo, Uncle Al and cousin Jessica a year and a half ago. It's a layout I'm proud of because I tried new things and just allowed myself to tell the story I wanted to tell and have fun with the creating process. I also made two cards using items I ordered from and I am really proud of the way they turned out. For me, throwing myself into hybrid crafting, has really been like opening a door to a whole new world and I'm enjoying it more then I thought I would - which I'm sure Mike is glad to hear considering all the money I've spent HAHA!

I don't know how to get this picture to flip I'm having so much trouble with some photos and everywhere I have this photo stored on my computer it's the right way so if anyone has any tips for flipping it please let me know!!

Last week we did some creative cooking. We've been enjoying watching The Amazing Race with our friends Mike and Wil and this week we hosted the viewing party which was not easy since the contestants traveled to Siberia but we made some yummy Siberian dishes which we would possibly make again. We made meat filled raviolis known in Siberia as Pelmeni and we made a spicy Siberian cheese dip. Everything was yummy but not healthy and oddly I forgot to take pictures!! I also used bits of several Pelmeni recipes so that's why I'm not sharing the recipe for that but I'd be happy to help you search for a good one if you are interested.

Last week I also got to spend some much needed quality time with Gabby. It was so nice having her here. We spent Friday just chatting, going for lunch, wandering around and just talking! Friday night we saw Watchmen - INCREDIBLE! I loved it. I read the graphic novel years ago and have been waiting for this movie ever since and I was not disappointed. Saturday morning Gabby woke up early with me and we drank many cups of coffee while I made stuffed mushrooms and a cake to bring over to my mother-in-law's for a barbecue that afternoon. Gabby headed home and I missed her immediately! We are hoping to get to Jacksonville to visit Gabby and her husband real soon.

As of this moment we have no plans for tonight or tomorrow but I hope that will change. I do have things I will be working on today. Me and my mom have decided to work on scrapbook challenges together this way it's almost like we are scrapping together even though we are far away. So we have a week to finish the first challenge. I will post pictures of my completed project of course and hopefully mom will let me post pictures of her items as well since she really is incredibly talented! We are using the challenges in Elsie Flannigan's 52 Scrapbooking Challenges in case you want to play along. I will be sure to post an update real soon but in the mean time please let me know if there are any projects you'd like to see me create, if there are any recipes you'd like me to try and just in general if there is anything you would like to see here in my little corner of cyberspace!

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Joy said...

I LOVE the new look of your blog. I hope to work on some scrapbooking projects this weekend. I really wish Diana would come over and play

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