Sunday, March 29, 2009

Rainy Days and Sundays

It is a rainy day here in Florida but a much needed rainy day and a good day to just kick back a bit and regroup. The past week I was feeling crappy, run down, sore throat, running a temperature so I was just a lump on the couch all week but I'm trying to pull out of it. I know I know I should go see a doctor but I'm stubborn that way! So I took it easy all last week and today I'm just lounging. It's another day where we had lots of plans but the weather is just keeping us inside and for a change I don't mind.

Yesterday was a busy, fun and creative day. Mike tagged along with me to a Stampin' Up Workshop at our friend Zanne's house. This was totally an outside of my comfort zone activity. Not only does Zanne live in an area I don't drive to or around often but I have never been to a stamping workshop or really any craft classes so this was a big time first for me and I had a great time. We completed two projects - a tag and a card and it was really fun for me to really try something new and I was happy with the way my little projects turned out. I look forward to playing with more stamping ideas! So thank you Zanne for your help and encouragement!

Mom and I completed week 2 of our layout challenge. Because I wasn't feeling well I waited until the last minute to do mine, I just couldn't feel inspired. The challenge was to focus on one black & white photo so I went through my photos on Picasa and then bam when I came across a picture of me and Diana inspiration struck! I am trying to focus some of my layouts on the people who are important to me, I really want people to look through my albums and pick out all the people who are special to me. So I quickly ordered a couple of black and white prints and I had fun playing with this layout.

Mom also completed her layout! She did a great job again of course. This is the second layout where she used a photo of herself which she hardly ever does an I think it's funny that we both used very little journaling but we both got our point across. We are both so glad we decided to do this challenge not only does it bring us closer together even though we live far apart this has given me more creative ideas and made sure I got off my butt and scrapped no excuses! I work best under pressure!!

Yesterday we also ran over to Downtown Disney because there were two things I wanted to check out. The first thing we didn't get pictures of but it's a great new store called Tren-D. It's a new store for us trendy gals, it has some cool clothes with very subtle Disney branding the store is so cool looking with tons of chandeliers handing from the ceiling and stylized paintings of Minnie Mouse on the wall. I can't wait to go back, take some pictures and of course buy some stuff!! The other thing we wanted to see at Downtown Disney is a new attraction they set up - it's like a hot air balloon - it's not up and running yet but the balloon is in place and looks cool as hell. I can not wait to go up in that thing. Of course Mike will not go up with me so I think next week me an Gabby are going to give it a try!! Will keep you posted!

This week I hope to post more and fill my days with more creativity! Wish me luck!! More soon...


Mandi said...

Great job on the layouts! They are both great! :) It is rainy here as well so I am messing around on the computer and trying to get motivated to work on my cards and tags for a swap. lol Great job on the card and tag you created at the workshop you went to.

zanne said...

ah shucks...thank you!!! Hope you liked the tile card! Both the layouts are awesome! So funny because I don't know anything about your side of town either, but I am sure it is quick for Michael to get to work! Thanks so much for coming!

Joy said...

Both layouts were great. I think the challange is a wonderful idea.
I liked the projects you made at the SU workshop. Next time you come up to visit, I will have a workshop so we can all get together and play. If you know anyone up here that would be interested in a workshop, let me know!

Diana said...

We both look hot in B&W :) I absolutely love it!

kc2pyn said...

the pages look awesome. Did you manage to ever go up in that balloon??

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