Saturday, November 28, 2009

Celebrating the Season - Day 1&2

I love the day after Thanksgiving almost as much as I love Thanksgiving itself, why you may ask? For one it feels like the holidays are officially underway, also, Mike is off and we take down all the Christmas decorations and put up our tree. We also did something we hardly ever do on "Black Friday" we went shopping! We weren't out long and we certainly weren't out at 5AM but we did cross a couple of items off our lists so that's always a good thing!

Yesterday we also had our friends/neighbors Tom and Anna over for leftovers it was so nice to have them here and to share in some of our holiday with our new friends who are becoming to mean quite a lot to us. I unfortunately didn't get any photos of them here because I was too busy eating and talking haha!

After they left the tree went up. We have an awesome pre-lit artificial tree that goes up in three easy pieces, particularly easy for me since well, I just watch Mike do it! He then shapes all the branches and puts the star on top. I then jump in and put all the ornaments on. I love unwrapping all of my ornaments, they all have such special memories and some have some great stories behind them. I have several ornaments from when my mom was young and some from when I was a baby and then there are those I've collected with Mike over the years. Mike just watches and snaps photos for me and of me.

Today I woke up feeling under the weather - way under! When my alarm went off I just couldn't even think of getting out of bed so we canceled today's plans and I stayed in bed until 11AM! This is very very unusual for me since I'm an early riser and I love the mornings. So today was another day we didn't get as many decorations up and out as we had planned but Mike did get our porch lights up and he set Mickey and Minnie under the tree. We are planning to get more lights for the porch and windows and just around the house in general but for tonight it's so nice watching the lights flicker and glow and me, Mike and Hooper cuddle on the couch.

Here are the pages I created in my December Daily AKA Celebrate the Season Album. I will post today's pages tomorrow!

Cover of the album. I used the holiday House of 3 items to create the title!

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PEG1973 said...

Hi ! I'm so surpruse that you still do your christmas tree ! In France, we do it the 10 or the 15 december !
I wish you a merry (? ) thanksgiving and a lot of inspiration for your DD

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