Tuesday, November 17, 2009

That's What Friends Are For!

Some friends are there for the good times, they are there when you need someone to go out and party with and laugh with. Some friends are there for the bad times, always lending a shoulder to cry on. There are friends who know you inside and out, friends who no matter how long it's been since you've seen one another you can pick up right where you left off. There are friends who can make you laugh and think and smile. My friend Ruth is all of those things so it was so great to spend a day with her at Epcot for a little Food & Wine fun! We talked, we laughed, we acted silly and we ate and drank of course!

Ruth has gotten me through some really rough times, she's been by my side through some really great times and once many years ago I tried to fix Ruth up with Mike - this was long before Mike and I got together and something we all laugh about now! Ruth has an ability to know what I'm thinking and to keep me from getting in my own way and I love that I can be 100% myself in front of her. We don't spend as much time together as I would like but it's certainly more time now that we live in the same state! And now we have more fun plans on tap for the future which I am super excited about. So stay tuned for more stories and photos from my adventures with Ruth and thank you Ruth for being such a great friend all these years - you may be the younger one but you are also the wiser one! Love ya!

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Ruth said...

You totally made me tear up. That was so sweet. Thanks. I absolutely love you too. Uh, I do like how you keep mentioning you trying to hook me and Mikey up. LOL.

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