Sunday, November 29, 2009

Celebrating the Season - Day 3

Today I once again was not feeling great, which is a total bummer over the holiday weekend but in a way a nice way not to let the holiday slip too quickly away with all the running around and craziness we had originally planned.

We did get more of our decorations up, we are pretty much done. I got my mini tree up and this year we put up a second tree in the dining room which is pretty exciting for me. We also went and got more lights for the porch and around the windows so our house is looking very very festive! I'm loving every minute of it. I can't believe the weekend is just about over and tomorrow it's back to our normal routine. As much as I loved all of Mike's yummy Thanksgiving food I'm getting a little burnt out on leftovers so tomorrow it will be back to a healthier diet - well at least until I start baking Christmas cookies!

Tonight I did the pages for yesterday and today in my album. I'm really loving this project and can't wait to fill every page with good times, traditions and holiday spirit!

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Toni said...

hey i love that little tree of wooden spoons in the bowl, very cute. and your book of the season is getting to a great start. love mom

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