Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Happy Hauntings!!

I love Halloween! It doesn't matter whether we have plans, or if we are dressing up I love to decorate and make treats and wait for Trick or Treaters! This year we went to our complex Halloween party which is a first for us usually we skip those things but since we've been hanging out with Anna and Tom so often they've encouraged us to be a lot more social! We had such a nice time. We didn't stay for the whole party because they didn't have any food Mike could eat and he was hungry but we enjoyed the costume contest and just chatting with some of our neighbors. I think we are both enjoying knowing our neighbors!

On Halloween we decided to stay in and hopefully greet Trick or Treaters, sadly we only had 2 trick or treaters but that's two more then we had last year so things are looking up! We made this quick and simple chili dip as a snack and I made one of my favorites hot dogs wrapped in crescents and stuffed with cheese of course! And Mike roasted some fingerling potatoes! We hung out and ate and watched Ghost Hunters and then I watched the Yankees win! This World Series is completely stressing me out! I also made a super delicious Halloween cocktail: A Candy Corn Cordial! This was so delicious and boy did it pack a punch!

Now that Halloween is over I've been taking down the Halloween decorations and replacing them with Thanksgiving decorations. I'm going to have to see what new crafts I can whip up for Thanksgiving since I'm already missing the spooky projects I put together for Halloween!!

I painted the frames and pumpkin in a fun metallic purple and then I created the images with House of 3 Halloween goodies, embellished with a couple of cool flowers and gems and created a little scene on the counter!

I've been trying to fight the urge to get ready for Christmas but I just can't help it and I've already been buying presents and mentally decorating the apartment. This year I am hoping to win the porch decorating contest! Wish us luck!!

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