Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Congratulations Yankees!!!

Ok there has been some serious blog neglect going on here for which I apologize, I promise to get back on track starting right now!!

I can't imagine that I haven't blogged since the Yankees won the World Series - it was a serious big time event for me. I think I'm still riding the high from the win and going through some baseball withdrawal. It's no secret I love baseball, it is a sport I've shared with my dad. I have so many great memories of going to games with my dad and watching the games on TV and now that we live far apart we still share our love for baseball and the Yankees - as soon as the last out was made in each and every post season Yankee game - win or lose - I would call my dad and we would talk about it. Of course who doesn't want their team to win the World Series but I wanted this Yankee win so bad I could taste it. I was a bundle of nerves during each game and they all seemed to run late so I was sleep deprived as well. Poor Mike watched as I paced, bounced, cursed my way through games and then they won and the feeling was incredible! My dad and I talked of course, excited, emotional and just happy. I watched every minute of the post game show, I sobbed as I watched players that I have been following for years celebrate and for the next several days I wore Yankees shirts! I truly wish I could have been in NYC for the parade but hey maybe next year!!

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