Sunday, October 12, 2008

Five Fabulous Years

Recently I posted that Mike and I were getting ready to celebrate our 5th wedding anniversary. Not only was this our 5th anniversary but it fell just the way it did the year we actually got married which is always fun. So Mike let me know that he made reservation for dinner but would not tell me where we were going. So since we already had reservations I wanted to do something special for Mike for our actual anniversary so I found I killed two birds with one stone and I made Mike a fabulous dinner that also acted as my new recipe of the week! I made Emeril's Pasta with Vodka Sauce. Now I've made vodka sauce before but not like this. The addition of bacon and peas was outstanding and I loved using fettucine instead of the usual penne or bowties. It was a big hit with Mike too so I was very happy about that!

No idea why this picture is sideways it's not uploaded on my computer that way and I can't edit it no matter how many times I try.

Last night the night of our big anniversary date finally arrived. Until we got in the car I didn't know where we were going though I had guessed the place earlier in the week but Mike through me off the track and I was totally confused so I was still very surprised when he told me we would be dining at Il Mulino at the Swan hotel. We had eaten here in May with my parents and completely fell in love the food is outstanding, the service incredible and the restaurant itself is classy and beautiful. You will be shocked to read this but I didn't take a single picture of the food. I think we were so hungry that we forgot all about taking photos and just jumped into eating but hopefully we'll go again and I'll take some pictures then! It was a beautiful meal, nice to just be together and talk. We had rice balls and calamari to start both outstanding, for dinner I got red snapper with pancetta and a white wine garlic sauce served over a bed of broccoli rabe holy cow I could have licked the plate! Mike got his usual chicken parmagiana which I took a bite of and it was really good not your usual chicken parm. We split a tartufo for dessert also fabulous. After dinner we walked around the Swan and Boardwalk resorts it was beautiful out and we just wanted to soak in every minute of our anniversary date. I feel very lucky to have the husband I have and to enjoy the relationship we have I know not everyone gets so lucky.

Today we will be doing some cleaning and grocery shopping. Wednesday Kevin and Trisha arrive so I have to get the house in order. I'm excited we are hitting Halloween Horror Nights so I'm sure I'll have pictures and funny stories about how chicken I am to share!!


Lisa Hope said...

WOOHOO - wow, I think Mikey did a great job with that restaurant choice. What a romantic! And you did a fantastic job on your dish. I'm starving now. Vodka sauce PLEASE! I love the pic of the two of you, also. And you are right. Cherish each other because most of us are not as lucky!!! I just have to accept the fact that I'll be Johnny Depp's mistress for the rest of my life so there. Luv you loads

InjuryLawGuru said...

Wow, Danielle! Congrats on the fabulous five years! I will have to try that recipe. Great job on the blog.

sa_homespun said...

CONGRATS girlfriend ! 5 years.. that is super. I just love hearing about your food stories.. You describe it so well.. you should be a food journalist. It sounds like you had a great time, I love it when men are romantic like that.. Mikey sure is a keeper ! Here's to the next 5-50... !

Mandi said...

Happy 5th Anniversary. It sounds like it was a wonderful anniversary for the two of you.

Cheryl Wray said...

Sounds like a wonderful anniversary evening! And mmmm, that pasta with vodka sauce looks yummy!!!

(I wandered over here from Ali's blog, where your album was featured.)

Happy Anniversary!

Yummers! said...

Congrats on your anniversary! Enjoy every moment and those to come.

Congrats too on being published on Ali Edward's blog! I really like the format you used. It all looks great!


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