Saturday, October 4, 2008

A Week in the Life - Day 5

I know I know I'm late posting my day 5 wrap up. I don't have a good reason I just totally forgot last night. Yesterday was one of those days that reminds me just why I love my life here in Orlando. After taking Mike to work I took Hooper out for a nice long walk, the weather was beautiful again. After the walk I got dressed and ready for the day. At 11 my friend Lisa came over and we headed out to Epcot. It was a great day full of just girl talk and fun and of course lots and lots of pictures. I think it was a day we both needed. We had a great lunch, we took pictures with characters and enjoyed a beautiful day! We picked Mike up from work an while we waited for him we jammed to New Kids on the Block. Lisa took some serious blackmail worthy video and we giggled for 45 minutes straight.

Last night after Lisa headed home me and Mikey just ran to Publix for some dinner he got fried chicken and I got some sushi. We came home and at dinner in our pjs and caught up on DVRed shows. Now that the Fall TV season has started we Taylors have a ton of TV watching to do. I am happy to say though that we have been falling behind pretty often which says to me that we actually have a life and we're not just sitting watching TV!

We don't have big plans for this weekend at least not yet. Today we are meeting some new friends for lunch but other then that we are just taking things as they come. I'll do my best to post today's events tonight. It's hard to believe that tomorrow is the last day of my photo project and then I can move on to phase 2 the creating the album. I'm looking forward to the creative process I'm just trying to find the right kin of album to house this project. I'm not sure what it is I'm looking for but I'm sure once I see it I'll know it's right. I'll let you know how that goes.

More Soon...


Lisa Hope said...

It was the bestest day ever and yes, I needed it badly!!!!!!! Oh oh oh oh oh, the right stuff!

kc2pyn said...

DONT FALL BEHIND ON FALL TV! although i cannot say much since i have. haha! Sushi i ssoooooo good!

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