Thursday, October 2, 2008

A Week in the Life - Day 4

So here we are winding down day 4 of my little project and I get more into it every day. Today didn't really go as planned I woke up with my sinuses completely out of control, my head was pounding my left eye was swollen shut it was not pretty. Mike, being the wonderful husband that he is, got a ride to work and let me sleep in. It was the first time I'd slept in in a while and when I woke up at 9AM I stayed in bed and watched my guilty pleasure TV show Gossip Girl! I didn't get a lot done today, some laundry, some reading and I had a nice chat on the phone with my friend Lisa. I will try to make tomorrow a little more interesting for my readers!!

This evening Mikey made me a delicious grilled cheese with bacon for dinner while he finished up the leftovers and then we took a walk. I'm proud of myself that along with sticking to the photo project I've stuck to the exercising each day as well. What I do need to do is get back to being creative. I need to spend some serious time in my scrapbooking room and work on things. I know next week I'll be putting together the album of all the pictures I am taking this week so that will be a great way to break out of my creative rut and give me a reason to use a lot of the new products I've purchased. Speaking of purchases I bought this Autumn Craft kit from Elsie Flannigan's Etsy Shop she has a lot of great stuff but I could not resist this kit. The kit was shipped out today and I can't wait to get it. Elsie is so inspiring so I'm excited to have a kit put together by her and make something fabulous with it.

Well now we are watching this week's DVRed Criminal Minds and Mikey just handed me a bowl of low fat Edy's Fudge Tracks ice cream YUM! Check back soon more to come!

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kc2pyn said...

criminal minds!!! DAY 4! im going to restart my day in the life next week. haha

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