Monday, October 6, 2008

A Week in the Life - 7th and Final Day

Yesterday was the last day of my week in the life project. We kept busy as usual. We woke up early and Mikey made breakfast though he started cooking and realized that he was missing a key ingredient -eggs! So I ran to the store got eggs and the Sunday paper and I sat on the floor with the paper ready to read and no sooner did I sit down did Hooper throw up all over the paper so the whole thing went in the garbage. Breakfast turned out delicious though! Then we went to visit Mike's mom and then hit Wal-Mart, Target, Joanns and then went to Ruby Tuesdays for dinner. When we got home we settled in and watched Iron Man and Forgetting Sarah Marshall two excellent movies that we couldn't wait to get on DVD.

Now that the week in the life photo taking project is over this week I have to focus on putting all of my photos into a scrapbook. I use Picasa for a lot of my photo needs and it lets you set up photo collages so I've done one for each day so each page will have at least 25 pictures on it but I'm pretty sure I'll be adding larger photos on the layouts as well. It was a great project and I learned a lot about our routine and our life and it's pretty darn good. Another thing I learned - I drink A LOT of coffee. I mean yeah I knew I drank a lot of coffee but you have to see the number of pictures I have each day of the coffee machine, mugs, creamers etc. I rally need to do something about that. Another thing I do a lot of - Laundry! I don't know how two people generate so much laundry but we totally do. I definitely manage to keep busy during the day and I'm happy about that.

I'm happy to report that just because I stopped taking pictures of everything doesn't mean I stopped working out! I worked out first thing this morning and it really jump started the day so I'm hoping to continue that all week.

Today is our 5th Wedding Anniversary. In so many ways it feels like it was just yesterday and then in a million ways it feels like a million years ago. Either way you slice it it's been 5 incredible years. And to celebrate tonight I'm making Mikey a special dinner and then Saturday Mike is taking me out but I have no idea where we are going yet! It will be like a week long anniversary celebration and that's ok by me!!

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