Tuesday, October 26, 2010

A Hauntingly Huge Giveaway!

This mess is too big and too deep and too tall
We can't clean it up! We can't clean it up at all!
Dr. Seuss - The Cat In the Hat

This is what my scrapbooking room looked like this morning. Clearly it was beyond a disaster I couldn't even walk in there let alone work! And because I couldn't work in my scrap room the dining room table was quite the disaster as well!!

After 7 hours my scrap room looked like this!! Amazing right?? There are a few more touches I want to give to the room but I actually can work in there. I have a table! I have room to move and everything is pretty well organized!! It feels great I pretty much want to just stand in there and look around!!

So now that you see my great accomplishment let me tell you what this means for you my amazing readers - another giveaway!!!! I have a giant pile of goodies including lots of Christmas paper and a whole box full of rubber stamps! I will pick at least 2 but quite possible 3 winners on Friday and all you have to do is leave me a comment telling me your favorite thing about Halloween, be it a memory, tradition, costume, trick or treat!!! GOOD LUCK!!


Sandy said...

so, as you know...i love halloween as well!! have a lot of great memories of trick or treating as a kid. but i really loved the year we did a party, and made little "jack-o-lanterns" out of oranges and filled them with chocolate ice cream!! those were a lot of work, but SO cute!!!

Lisa said...

Danielle!!! WOW!!!! you should be on HGTV for before and after!!!! you can totally tell you spent A LOT of time....so tedious but the reward of it all it right there...visible!! i can't wait to see what you're goin to concoct next!!!! (and i don't need a prize my love...i just love reading your blogs)....VERY COOL-IO my girl!!!! i hope you and my Tone never give up scrapbooking...you 2 are SO unbelievably talented!!!! XOXOXO

sheila said...

good job girl--mine could use a little cleaning too but seems like as soon as I do I just get in the scrapping mood again :) Keep up the good work your wonderful :)

Cre8ive said...

There's nothing I don't love about Halloween!!!! My husband dressing up as a monkey and out annual party are the best though. Man does that room look awesome! WTG D!!!

tanya said...

I love everything about Halloween but mostly we love decorating our house. Christopher made a spooky fence a few years ago and this year he made a bunch of tombstones to add to the yard. Four of our neighbors go all out too and our street looks awesome!
Can't believe how organized your stuff is now, but how long will is last, lol! Mine never lasts long sadly :-)

Betty Anne said...

Great job on your room it looks fantastic.
Halloween is one of my favorite holidays. I made and rented costumes for over 11 years and had over 500 costumes. I loved it when kids came to the house because it was so much fun finding just the right costume for them. I also made and wore a vampira costume and did my own makeup. I won $500 for first place in a costume contest.

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