Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Yesterday I...

Yesterday I woke up early, did yoga, took Mike to work and walked 2 miles!

Yesterday I weighed in -down another 2.8 pounds bringing my total to 30.5!!!

Yesterday I dressed in grown up clothes.

Yesterday I navigated my way to and around a location I wasn't totally familiar with and I didn't get lost or need any of the maps I brought with me!

Yesterday I went on an interview for the first time in a very long time.

Yesterday I took myself to the movies as a reward. I ate popcorn in the dark and laughed and cried while watching Life As We Know It.

Yesterday I felt
Grown up


Cre8ive said...

WTG on all accounts!!! I totally would have gone to see that with u :)! You are looking awesome! Huge inspiration!

Lisa said...

sounds like our Danielle is takin on new challenges that are just doin nothing but make our Danielle happier and healthier!!!! ....and you can't go wrong with that!!!! YOU ROCK!!!!!

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