Sunday, October 31, 2010


Happy Halloween boys and ghouls! I hope everyone is having a wonderful and safe evening!

The last few days have been super fun here in Taylor Town! We kicked off the Halloween festivities on Friday at our annual complex Halloween Party! We hung out with all our friends so that was so much fun. I love that we have frien
ds that live right here with us so we can hang out and have a blast all the time.

Then Saturday we headed to Mount Dora with Monika and Dave, ate dinner at a super cute French Cafe and then went on a Ghost Walk which was a riot. It was a total blast and the weather was perfect and it was just a fun night out!!

Today Mike made some amazing chili and Cynthia and Lacey came over to eat yummy food and watch the new Nightmare on Elm Street -
it seems that I now enjoy horror movies - it's a very strange and recent phenomenon but we've watched several horror movies over the last few months and I haven't been scared at all and I've enjoyed them quite a bit! So we enjoyed the movie, made jokes, giggled and chatted. We had yummy Halloween themed desserts and the graveyard pudding was mostly diet friendly just the cookies and the pumpkins were not on the program so it was nice that I could actually eat something!

We once again didn't get a single trick or treater oh well maybe next year? I'm sure the candy won't go to waste!!

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Lisa said...

bummer that not one trick or treater came...i'd be ALL ovah that place...there's a million doors to knock are DUMB!!! LOL!!! glad your weekend ROCKED and now you and Mahk have another thing in common...HORROR MOVIES..he'll be wicked excited!!!!! you can quote some...(can't wait :P) i'm so proud of you for being so good on your's so hard...YOU'RE AWESOME!!!! HAPPY HALLOWEEN LUVEY!!!

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