Sunday, May 24, 2009

Bursting with Creativity!

So sometimes when I get my act together and I keep busy and I really set out to do stuff I find that I'm bursting with creativity. Lately I have been feeling just that. You would think the fact that it's been raining pretty much non-stop this week I would be cooped up in the house and that has been true at times but I actually cooked a new recipe this week, I went to a scrapbook expo, went to the movies and went to Hollywood Studios for Star Wars weekend so I guess I better get started filling you in on all the creativity.

Wednesday due to the rain I had a desperate need for comfort food and a strong desire to try a new recipe. So I spent the morning digging through my binder of untried recipes, narrowed it down to three and had Mike choose. The winning recipe of the day was Chicken, Biscuits 'n' Gravy Casserole from Rachael Ray's magazine. What a winner it was too!! It was so delicious it was the first time since being sick I really enjoyed eating. Try it for yourself, you can find the recipe here. I did make a few adjustments to the recipe, I left out the celery because I don't like it, I had garlic to the gravy and wine. It was a huge hit here and I will definitely make it again!!

On Thursday we went to see the new Terminator movie with our friends Mike and Wil. I was really excited about this movie and I really wanted to like it but that was not the case. I was bored pretty soon into it and though the effects were pretty that's all the movie was effects. But it was, as always, fun to hang out with Mike and Wil. Seeing the posters and trailers for some of the other Summer movies I'm eager to see was fun as well.

On Friday I met my friend Zanne at the Scrapbook Expo here in Orlando. I've gone to this expo in years past but I've dragged Mike with me and was normally in and out within an hour, with Zanne it was so great and much different because we were there all day!! We had a great time, bought lots of fun things and chatted a lot. Zanne knows so much about the scrapbooking industry and she is super talented. You might recall that Zanne held the Stampin Up workshops, you can find her blog here. While at the expo we spent a lot of time at the Tattered Angels booth and sat in for a Make and Take. I loved using these products so much that I went over my budget and bought a bunch of stuff that I've already been playing with! Hopefully next week Zanne and I will get together and craft together.

Friday night Gabby arrived in preparation for our third annual trip to Star Wars Weekend at Disney's Hollywood Studios. We woke up early on Saturday, it was nice having Gabby walk Hooper with me at 6:15AM! Then we headed to the Studios. We were disappointed in the Star Wars Weekend activities this year but we still had a really good time. We went to a character breakfast and we rode some rides, did some shopping and had fun. We got back to the house around 2:30 and hung out, then Gabby and I went to do some shopping at Downtown Disney and when we got home Mike ordered Chinese food and we ate and giggled and watched movies it was a good time.

Today has been a nice lazy day with a splash f creativity. I woke up early to find Gabby already up and ready to head home. Mike made banana chocolate chip pancakes that were heavenly and then I took a nice long nap. When I woke up I put together this week's challenge. Mom and I decided to skip the Mini Album for now we will be going back to it shortly, so this week's challenge was to scrap lift a color combination. I used blue and brown a color combo I definitely love and had fun using and in the spirit of Star Wars Weekend I finally scrapbooked the photos from last year. I also had to use Glimmer Mist somewhere on my pages so I used it on the chipboard accents.

Mom also used blues, browns and oranges in her layout, she did a great job using a photo of my sister Nicole, my cousin Kevin and Nicole's boyfriend Andrew and a photo of herself. I love that she has been using so many photos of herself. In the past my mom's photo albums and scrapbooks have been largely filled with everyone else and only very little mom so I'm glad she's turning that around.

Now for the rest of this Sunday we will continue to be lazy. We are currently watching Twilight for the 10th time probably but I never get tired of it and Mike likes it too which is nice. It is storming so I don't imagine we'll be going anywhere tonight which is fine by me. Maybe I'll see what else I can Glimmer Mist or get started on next week's challenge. I never completed the Ali Edwards Weekend in the Life project but I will very soon. I am setting up another little challenge for myself though - I am going to blog every day this week starting today and ending next Sunday - wish me luck and stay tuned!!


Gabbzilla said...

What a fantastic layout...if I do say so myself! :-)

Seriously, I'm happy that you're brimming with such creativity and that this week was filled with so many good times. I miss y'all already!

zanne said...

Thank you for the shout out;)

Look at you using your new stamp and Glimmger Mists!

I turned my new Unity Stamp upside down and just used the lines to journal on in my new Journal. I am halfway done with the Journal!!! I am using one line from each Basic Grey pack I own and stamping and stenciling away. I can truly say they were worth me going into debt for! I am hooked!

Oh and those Chicken and Biscuits look good!

Dani said...

Gabby - We miss you too and thanks for giving me more fun things to take photos of :)

Zanne - I love love love the Unity Stamp it stamps so nice I was already on seeing what other stamps I can pick up ;) Can't wait to see your new projects!!

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