Thursday, May 28, 2009

Rain Rain Go Away Even just for One Day!

I am in a sour mood this evening and I don't know why! Could be that it was another long day, could be that it's been raining AGAIN, or it could be just a case of the blahs but whatever the reason my current mood is wedged firmly in cranky town. But I will try to be upbeat at least until I reach the end of this blog post!

So today I woke up early and did a 4 mile walk workout with my Leslie Sansone DVD, I was pretty sure I was going to pass out by the end but I did it. After that we stopped at the hospital to visit Mike's mom and then I took Mike for his sleep study consultation. Hopefully the doctor will be able to h
elp Mike out and if they could lessen Mike's snoring then I'll be one happy girl!! After the appointment I took Mike to work, stopped at the store and came home and had a nice healthy lunch and then did some crafting. I finished my weekly challenge layout but I'll wait to post that in my normal challenge post. It has been weird crafting though because the light went out in my scrapbooking closet so I have to search for things in the dark and then bring them out into the dining room to actually work. My bottles of Glimmer Mist are one by one making their way onto the kitchen counter and my scrapbooking room is more of a mess then ever but I'm putting off cleaning it until we can manage to change the light bulb - which is way high up there and we have no ladder so it should be a neat trick! It may not be my normal or ideal way to create but I still feel creative so I guess that's the important thing right?

Tonight we had leftovers for dinner and we're now lounging on the couch watching Kungfu Panda which surprisingly we have never seen before and I think it's pretty cute. I did order a bathing suit online so hopefully by the time it gets here it will A. fit and B. will stop raining! It's storming pretty good out there now and this evening when I picked up Mike I got caught in a pretty bad storm - not fun! Tomorrow I have more running around to do but I really want to get more crafting in, I have a lot of ideas so I better get working! I've also been ignoring my book and I've got to get writing every single day - keep on me everyone!!

Until tomorrow I leave you with a picture of the most adorable dog on the planet :)

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