Sunday, May 31, 2009

Technical Difficulties!

Well so much for me trying to post every day this week though I have to say it was absolutely not my fault I didn't get to post yesterday and it's not my fault that this post will be short and sweet and have no photos!

Yesterday we came home from the Tupperware Party - which went really, really well. I went through the demonstration with no troubles, we sold a lot of products so far and my fabulous hostess Monika is going to get some freebies which is what every consultant hopes for hostess!! It certainly helped that my first Tupperware demonstration was to a room full of friends so after my business end was done we got to all hang out and catch up which was great. (Tanya - we have to make sure we don't let too much time pass before we hang out again!!!) Monika and Dave are such great hosts and their house is like a little retreat you almost forget you are in Florida! - I totally went off on a tangent there, so when we got home after our fun day naturally the first thing I did was flip open my laptop and turn on the television and to my despair neither worked! ACK! Mike called the cable company and found there are no known outages in the area so it was just us and we would have to wait until Monday to have someone take a look! DOUBLE ACK! Today we have limited internet access thanks to a generous neighbor but still no TV. So tomorrow I get the extreme pleasure of waiting for the cable guy to arrive anywhere from 11 AM - 2PM lucky me!

Today wasn't a total loss though, despite the fact that I only slept for 3.5 hours Mike and I got up early and went to see UP! I loved it!!! Go see it! Just a really sweet movie, funny, uplifting, heartwarming, I laughed and naturally I cried but it was so good I can't wait to see it again. So far the great Summer movies such as UP and Star Trek have made up for the lousy ones - like Terminator haha! After the movie we went to eat, I have no idea what meal to call it since we had popcorn for breakfast and have no plans to eat dinner as far as I know. We went to the T-Rex Cafe in Downtown Disney its a fun place and the food is surprisingly good for a theme restaurant. We walked around a little bit and now we're home sitting in silence - I suppose we'll put on a movie soon but right now the TVs are taking a much earned but ill timed vacation.

I will post soon with this week's challenge layouts and other random photos I've been taking to post here for you. Until then, have a great Sunday evening!!

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