Saturday, April 24, 2010

A Week in the Life Day 5

Friday was probably my most productive day so far this week and the day I took the least amount of pictures - funny how that worked out. The day started the same as all the others, getting Mike to work, a workout, coffee. I also threw in some laundry - it's a complete mystery to me how two people generate so much laundry but I keep it manageable by doing it three days a week. I also cleaned our bathroom, a chore that I love doing! I find it relaxing to scrub the tub and I love going in there after it's all clean. I also ran the vacuum, blogged, read the new issue of Food Network magazine in hopes of finding something I wanted to make for dinner (I didn't - not for last night anyways)

I picked up Mike and we headed over to Tom and Anna's they were nice enough to give us a mattress and box spring. Tom insisted that he help Mike carry everything so I had a chance to snap photos! Anna could not stop laughing at me! After we got the new mattress in place we headed to Publix and picked up cold cuts and snack foods. Back home we settled in and watched Avatar which of course Mike had to have on DVD! It is a fun movie though. We topped the night off with some light ice cream though we covered it in Magic Shell haha! Our nightly walk with Hooper was fantastic it was gorgeous out, Hooper played with another dog and Mike and I talked about our day and tried to make plans for Saturday but we have so many ideas we've yet to narrow them down - we better hurry with that though!

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Lisa said...

Hi...My name is Mr. and Mrs. TOO CUTE!!!!! i LOVE far i think you're havin a GREAT WEEK!!! i'm so proud of you....can you come to my house every 3 days and do my's so uncool...i do once a week and i think i might have to try your stratgy!! LOL!!!! this is GREAT...HAVE A GREAT DAY today ...i'm sure i'll find out all about it tomorrow!!!! XOXOXOX

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