Friday, April 9, 2010

A Rainy Visit

After waiting and waiting and waiting for my parents to come visit they finally got here and we had one beautiful day and two very rainy ones! And when I say rain I don't just mean a little drizzle or a passing storm - I mean it rained, a torrential down pour for two days straight! On the upside it postponed my parents trip home so I got an extra day with them but on the downside it meant not doing all the stuff we wanted to. It meant not getting to Epcot for the Flower and Garden Festival and it meant not wanting to drive to far from home.

Mom and I did manage to spend a great day shopping at Winter Garden Village. It was so great having my mom there because she is one of the very few people I trust in giving me their honest opinion on how clothes look and because she can talk me down from the near nervous breakdown I was about to have at seeing the size of some of the clothes I had to buy! So overall it was a fun and productive shopping trip. Another thing that we got to do was eat some very yummy food - you didn't think a little rain would stop me from eating did you?? We carried on the tradition of eating at Il Mulino's at the Swan Hotel and walking around the Boardwalk resort afterwards and we also ate at Portobella at Downtown Disney - SO delicious!

So while mom and I were together we decided to work on a little challenge together and take some different photos then we usually would take. It was fun taking some shots. Of course with all my other visitors we had a little delay in putting together the actual layout but we are hoping to have those done this weekend. I am excited to get back to doing some scrapbooking and posting our challenges again.

I have lots more to post and I hope to get to that soon - I am currently without a car - which is a post in itself - so I have lots of time to write!

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Lisa said...

i know it rained but you got to see mom and dad and still got to have FUN which doesn't surprise me in the least!!!! i love can't wait to see the challenges...i love when you and Tone do them...they're so awesome!!!

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