Tuesday, April 27, 2010

A Week in the Life Final Day 7

I'm late posting Sunday's recap but yesterday I was exhausted after being up all night thanks to some pretty intense storms we had and I some how hurt my back and I can't even describe the pain I was in. Thankfully thanks to a pain pill and twelve hours of sleep I'm feeling pretty great today!!

So Sunday I rolled out of bed around 9AM, my fabulous husband woke up wit
h the dog and walked him bright and early both days this weekend! First thing I did was work out and it's a good thing I did cause once my butt hit the couch there was no getting it up!! I lost a pound between Monday and Sunday so I'm happy to report that! Mike made one of his yummy breakfasts and we watched a bunch of DVRed shows. I had thought I would cook dinner but the later it got the less motivation I had to find a recipe and go grocery shopping so we just ordered some Papa John's pizza and we watched the Dead Like Me movie and then a movie I just happened to find on Netflix called I'm Reed Fish - very cute film. Then we watched a Justice League cartoon movie - I was sold because David Boreanaz did a voice so I could happily listen to that hunk all day long!

Now that the project is over I have to put together the album. I love the album I did back in 2008 but I want to try to make this book look different - we'll see how it goes!! I also decided that I will keep documenting (in writing) what I do each day. I think by writing everything down I get more done, I eat better and I will have a better picture of what my life is now. Plus I started using this super cute notebook for the project that is not even close to full so now I can finish filling it. I will be back hopefully tomorrow with some photos of my started album!!

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