Thursday, April 22, 2010

A Week in the Life Day 3

Wednesday morning was interesting I woke up and found I could barely open my left eye it was so swollen and red - darn allergies!! So Mike got a ride to work with Tom and I took a couple of benedryl. When I woke up my vision in my left eye was still blurry so I opted to walk to Publix for much needed coffee and creamer, not wanting to chance driving. I like walking, I like being able to walk up to the grocery store when I need just a couple of things. I have noticed I've been drinking a lot of coffee lately, I'm back to drinking nearly a pot a day so I think it might be time to give it up again... we'll see.

The rest of the day I just puttered around, laundry, lunch, chatting on the phone with dad, soaps, reading and spending lots of time on the computer. Mike and I opted to take the easy route for dinner and got a rotisserie chicken and some salads. After dinner I dragged Mike on another walk, I tracked it on my phone and we went over a mile which was nice. We then spent the remainder of the evening cuddling with the fur kids, watching lots of TV and spending time on the computers, I chatted with Ruth online, we had fruit for dessert and then we took Hooper for his nightly walk.

I found yesterday not to be very productive but I still took lots of pictures and tried to capture all the little things that may not seem like anything now but I will be happy to remember in the future. Another thing I did yesterday - I signed up for Layout a Day in May - See all about it here. I wanted to do this back in February but didn't feel convinced I could do it but now I feel like not only I can do it but that I need it to pull forward creatively!


Joy said...

I am really enjoying this "week in the life" think....I am almost tempted to copycat you and do one for myself.

Lisa said...

so NOW i get why you think your neighbors might think you're a little whackity whack whack with all the neighborhood photo ops...LOLOLOL!!!! i LOVe the picture of you and HOOPAH!!! and the action photo of you reading a book...AWESOME!!! at least it's not the washing machine...LOLOLOLOL!!! j.k. i'm lovin this everyday's great entertainmentand crackin my ass up!!!! LOVE IT!

Ruthy said...

Ooooh, I got a shout out on the post. I like it!!

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