Friday, April 23, 2010

A Week in the Life Day 4

Day 4 - Thursday was nothing short of spectacular and not for any particular reason but for lots of little reasons. I woke up early and worked out and showered before taking Mike to work. When we left the house we got gas, made a stop at Starbucks where we sat drinking our coffees outside and chatting, waiting for the bank to open. I loved having this extra time with Mike in the morning. After a quick trip to the bank I got Mike to work and I came home where I did something out of the ordinary - I didn't put on the TV! I know, crazy right? What I did do was put on some music and I danced and dusted my way around the living room! It was so fun!

Dark Cherry Mocha Frapps are my current weakness!

I chatted on the phone with my grandmother and Lisa, had another baked potato for lunch, apparently having potatoes and cheese in the house is just as dangerous as having ice cream for me! I played too many games of Bejeweled on Facebook - I think I'll have to give that up again too! After I picked Mike up from work we went to Target, Staples and Publix. We came home and I made Lemon Basil Pasta, it is a recipe I've been making for years, it's quick and easy. I used whole wheat pasta last night which Mike didn't love but I didn't give him much of a choice! After dinner we went over to Tom and Anna's for a little bit. I could really sit and talk to those two forever! They are so funny and we talk about such a variety of things. Anna sent us home with a baggie full of Gluten Free cookies which were actually pretty darn tasty! Back at home Mike and I kept the TV off - twice in one day without the TV off - CRAZY! We walked Hooper - I've been really making an effort to walk Hooper with Mike every night - it is a nice way to wind down before going to bed.

Mike spotted the camera and his laughing at me in this shot!

Day 4 of the Week in the Life project I feel a little sad that the project is coming to a close just as I'm in the routine of snapping photos and writing down my thoughts. But I am also excited for the remaining days where we will be more active so I'll have more interesting photos to share!

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