Wednesday, April 21, 2010

A Week in the Life Day 2

Yesterday (Tuesday) was Day 2 in my Week in the Life project! I woke up early, walked Hooper, got Mike to work and came home and did my workout. After I worked out I started getting the coffee brewing so that it would be ready when I got out of the shower and when I opened the container found that there wasn't even enough coffee left for half a pot! I have no proof but I'm pretty sure Mike did it on purpose!! So I showered and headed to Dunkin Donuts because it felt like the kind of day to have an iced coffee with a little coconut flavoring added in. What I discovered is that I should not be allowed in Dunkin Donuts before I have coffee because I'm not fit to deal with crazy people! Thankfully I made it out of there without harming anyone and I headed home.

I've gotta say the first two days of Week in the Life I haven't been all that productive. A lot of time in front of the computer, yesterday I blogged and caught up on some of the blogs I follow and then there is the time that gets swallowed up by Facebook. I did spend an hour on the phone catching up with my friend Kerry which was much needed and I went through a ton of recipes to pick something to make for dinner. I have been really feeling the urge to cook and try new things lately so last night for dinner I made a recipe I pulled out of Real Simple Magazine called Skillet Poached Huevos Rancheros - you can find the recipe here. Boy was this ever delicious! It was also super duper quick and easy. Now I've thought about not posting these pictures of the dish because to me it kinda looks like a mess but hey that was part of our day and it was really delicious!

The rest of our evening we spent hanging out and watching shows on our DVR, we watched House and two episodes of Ghost Hunters. The best part of the evening was how all the fur kids came and cuddled with us! I ended the evening with another Cadbury Cream Egg and sadly I now only have one left!! Then we took Hooper for a walk in the rain which was nicer then it sounds and then went to sleep. It was a good day.


Leese said...

you know you're killin me with those f'n Cadbury Eggs!!!!! you are HILARIOUS!!! i love know what you do everyday because i'm gettin the biggest kickout of it EVAH!!!! the Dunkin Donuts story with pictures=PRICELESS!!!! hahahaha!!! THE BEST!!!! you just crack up all the shit out of me :P hehehe!!!

oh and OF COURSE the Prince LOVED seeing the HOOPAH!!!!! MWAH BABY!!!

Anonymous said...

The picture of your Huevos Rancheros look just like the picture in the recipe, I think they are supposed to look a little messy. I want some for breakfast right now!!

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