Sunday, April 25, 2010

Week in the Life Day 6

I am way late posting about my Week in the Life Day 6 (Saturday) I think because today I'm feeling completely unmotivated - which means for you readers out there - tomorrow's blog will be pretty boring haha!

So yesterday we got out of the house in a timely fashion, made a stop at Mike's Uncle's house and then headed to Celebration for the Pie Festival. We talk about going to this every year and finally this year we actually went and I was kinda disappointed. It was fun in the sense that we met up with Monika and Dave and got to hang out with them for a while, I got a Starbucks Frappaccino, we walked around and saw some of the booths and Mike won a silly prize at the Giant Plinko game. But we were at the pie festival and we didn't have any pie!! They had a never ending pie buffet but that wasn't really the route I wanted to take with me trying to lose some weight and there was no other choice it wasn't like you could just go in and buy a slice or two so it was all you could eat or nothing so we just headed to our next destination which was Epcot!

Every year at this time Epco
t has the Flower and Garden Festival going and every year Mike and I go through a few times getting lots of pictures but this year we hadn't gotten there yet so yesterday we went through and made sure to take pictures of all the topiaries. I really think this year the topiaries were better then ever. Mike and I had so much fun walking around the park, chatting and snapping pictures. We stopped in China for dinner which was yummy as always! After we made our way around World Showcase we headed to the grocery store - I'm pretty sure we've gone every day this week - we desperately needed dog food and figured we'd get stuff for Mike to make breakfast on Sunday morning. Once home we settled in with our ice cream and watched The Bad Seed. I really love that movie though it's pretty creepy and I'm now convinced that whenever we do end up with a child it will turn out to be a bad seed haha!

Only one day left of the Week in the Life project! Next week I'll get my album together and I'll be sharing that with you also! And after that I'll have my Layout A Day! Stay Tuned...

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Lisa said...

sounds like you had a "Sea World" kind of day...LOL!! (let's get outta here and go to Epcot) LOL! ...we were SO LUCKY to be there for the very 1st week of Flower and Garden and got to see it and eat in just HAVE to eat there...OH MY!!!!! all in all your day was pretty cool!!!!! you can't go wrong in the World Showcase ;) and then go home to a movie...if it makes you feel any and the prince are TOTALLY havin' a lazy day....rainy and gloomy = LAZY DAZY!!!!! oh no..i'm gonna be sad to not read about your life everyday!!! LOL!!

p.s. Glad you got food for our lil' Hoopah!!!! he needs his energy to drive the boat chief!!! ;)

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